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a simple garden, with acres of sky

manelens' fanart/graphics comm

acres of sky
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fanart, graphics, icons etc

community closed.
check out esquinas for future stuff =]

*Credit manelens and/or acresofsky.
*Please don't edit or claim anything I make as your own.
*Don't hotlink (host yourself).
*Please comment if you snag anything.

How to credit and the rules in full are this-a-way.

Resource Post.
Stylesheet/userinfo by minty-peach.
Icon awards.
acting, adventure, alfred hitchcock, amélie, andrew bird, animals, audrey hepburn, beaches, benicio del toro, benny & joon, bette davis, biology, bloc party, bono, books, captain jack sparrow, caramel, carla bruni, cary grant, cat stevens, cate blanchett, charlotte bronte, charlotte gainsbourg, chocolat, chocolate, classic film, classic film stars, david tennant, dean martin, death cab for cutie, diego luna, disney, doctor who, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, elizabeth taylor, elvis presley, english, films, finding neverland, flight of the conchords, food, france, french, french pop, gael garcía bernal, grace kelly, graphics, gregory peck, guillaume canet, holidays, hugh laurie, hugs, humphrey bogart, ian mckellen, icons, indie, ingrid bergman, interpol, ireland, italy, jack o'connell, james dean, james may, james stewart, jeremy clarkson, jeux d'enfants, joanne harris, john krasinski, john lennon, john simm, johnny depp, jrr tolkien, judy dench, juliette binoche, kate winslet, katherine hepburn, la vie en rose, languages, latin america, laura marling, life on mars, literature, little miss sunshine, liv tyler, london, lord of the rings, marat safin, marion cotillard, matchbox twenty, michael bublé, movies, music, musicals, olivia ruiz, omar shariff, paris, paul newman, peter o'toole, photography, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, powderfinger, psychology, radiohead, rafael nadal, rainn wilson, rat pack, reading, richard hammond, roald dahl, rob thomas, rock hudson, roman holiday, rugby league, ryan gosling, secret window, sid jenkins, sidney poitier, skins, south america, spain, spanish, spectator sports, spencer tracy, steve carell, summer, sweeney todd, tennis, tenth doctor, the beatles, the decemberists, the edge, the hobbit, the motorcycle diaries, the office, the science of sleep, the weepies, tim burton, tony curtis, top gear, torchwood, travel, u2, what's eating gilbert grape, william blake, world cinema, world film, world music, y tu mama tambien